Friday, May 30, 2008

In Our Voices May 30, 2008

This week's edition of “In Our Voices” will be a phone interview with three women in China about how the recent earthquake affected their lives. Host NKenge Touré (longtime Sophie's Diva) will also interview Andrea Thompson, a Sophie’s Parlor Diva who has recently returned to the United States from China where she lived for a year. (Including programming some shows from there!)

The program will air live on Friday May 30 from 11 AM to 12 Noon. FYI, In Our Voices first aired in October 1988. This October the program will celebrate 20 years on WPFW's airwaves!

"In Our Voices" is a public affairs program focusing on issues from a woman's perspective. With the concept that everything is a woman's issue. This show is a platform for the voices of women.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kim's Show May 29, 2008

Today’s Diva of the Day is Kimberly Gaines.

The play list switched up today! The songs titles are first, then album, then artist. Here it is:

Seeline Woman, Nina Simone

Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair, Simone on Simone, Simone (daughter of Nina Simone

Orquestra Nzinga De Berimbaus, Capoeira Angola, Nzinga

Best of Me, I AM, Chrisette Michelle

Negra Presungturosa, Susana Baca

Field of Gold, Songbird, Eva Cassidy

*80 Days, Ne'a Posey

*State of the World, Ne'a Posey

Colorblind, East Side Story, Emily King

Osaka, Out of the Blue, Maysa

Cuerpo y Alma (Body and Soul) Esperanza, Esperanza Spaulding

*See You Sunday, Estelle Kokot

La Caravane, Jazz A Saint Germain, Brigitte Fontaine

Haiti (Interlude), Transient, Gaelle

California, The Tiombe Lockhart Bootleg #1, Tiombe Lockhart

Summertime, Jazz A Saint Germain, Angèlique Kidjo

*Corcovado, Loide Jorge

My Funny Valentine, The Late, Late Show, Dakota Staton

Sophisticated Lady, Jazz A Saint Germain, Elli Madeiros

Autor De Minuit, Jazz A Saint Germain, Les Nubians

Perfect Season, Fractures, Break Reform

* songs on a demo cd.

Thanks for Listening!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Helen's World Show May 22, 2008

I’m Helen Viksnins of Sophie’s Parlor and these are the songs I played on my World Theme Show on May 22, 2008. Enjoy!

1 Mysterious Ways, Angélique Kidjo, In the Name of Love - Africa Celebrates U2 3:51

2 Ko Te Ao Marama Mahinarangi Tocker The Mongrel In Me 2:23

3 Zulu Lounge Freshlyground Ma' Cheri 5:52

4 Dzied Pa Prieksu, Bralu Masa. Ensemble Rasa Lettonie: Musique des rites solaires (Latvia: Music of Solar Rites) 1:48

Latvia is the land of my ancestors. For those who have yet to hear of such a country, it regained its independence from the former Soviet Union in 1992. My parents came to America from Latvia in 1950.

5 My Funny Valentine Cindy Blackman Someday. . . 4:51
AMERICA – drummer

6 Afro Blue Zum Zum Susana Baca Espiritu Vivo 5:19

7 Witchi Tia To Jane Bunnett (saxophone & flute) Red Dragonfly (Aka Tombo) 5:41

8 Held Up to the Moon (In My Grandfather's Hands) Archie Roach, Australian Art Orchestra, Paul Grabowsky & Ruby Hunter Ruby 4:00
AUSTRALIA – aboriginal

9 Mother Ulali Heartbeat: Voices Of First Nations Women 2:52

10 No Jûrinas Izpeldeja Ilgi Riti 3:44

11 Change the World Magdalen Hsu-Li Smashing the Ceiling 4:46
AMERICAN (Chinese)

12 Lovely Day Lee Ritenour Smoke 'n' Mirrors 5:57
Zamajobe Sithole (SOUTH AFRICA)

13 Don't Turn On the Light Keiko Matsui (Keyboard and composer) Sapphire 5:42

14 Sing, You Sinners Valaida Snow (trumpet) Cocktails for Two (The Songs of Sam Coslow) 2:35

15 Ghungharva Abida Parveen The Best of Abida Parveen 2:40
PAKISTAN (Audience would be in tears hearing her sing the phone book)

16 A Woman's Place Is In the Groove Ginger Smock (violin) Ginger Smock 1946-1958 Los Angeles Studio and Demo Recordings 2:40

17 Fly Me To The Moon Grace Kelly (saxophone) Times Too 4:18
AMERICA (Korean) 16 years old, performed at the Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Festival last week

18 Riti, Saulît, Ritçdama Ilgi Riti 2:28
LATVIA Post modern folk ensemble (The below video is of another Latvian folk group - Laimas Muzikanti.)

19 I've Got That Thing Catherine Russell Sentimental Streak 2:56
AMERICA (Panamanian father) 2nd album released this year

20 She Is Like The Swallow Karan Casey Holding Up Half the Sky: Voices Of Celtic Women 2:57

21 Il sorriso di Atlantide Carmen Consoli Eva contro Eva 4:09

22 What the World Needs Now Is Love Shirley Scott (organ) On a Clear Day 3:59

23 Ntyilo Ntyilo Thandiswa Zabalaza 5:13
SOUTH AFRICA (Member of Bongo Maffin – this is her solo album released in 2006)

24 Forever Mahinarangi Tocker Hei Ha! 5:17

25 Muengue Mwa Ndolo Coco Mbassi Women Of Spirit 4:09
CAMEROON – resolutely citizen of the world

26 Ai Dievini, Augstu Saule Ensemble Rasa Lettonie: Musique des rites solaires (Latvia: Music of Solar Rites) 3:51

27 Somewhere Over the Rainbow Grace Kelly (saxophone) Every Road I Walked 4:22

28 Manha de Carnival Carolyn Sykes, Jazz Harp Autumn 4:36

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