Friday, September 25, 2009

Las Mujeres/Mulheres-She in Spanish and Portuguese

Well as we enter autumn we find ourselves in the mist of Hispanic Heritage Month and in conjunction with that month I decided to produce a show on the women's music of Spanish and Portuguese speakers of the Americas.

So, other than developing a playlist I reached out a local wealth of talent and knowledge, Cecilia Esquivel ( Cantare, of EvaLuna. Cecilia is Argentinian born, but has lived and created fabulous music in the DC area for years.

Together I hope folks enjoyed our chats, the music, the insight Cecilia brought and was inspired to learn more about the individual women played on the show and the urgency to support live music.

As always your feedback, comments and support are always welcomed. Please also feel free to email us at or join our Facebook Fan Page, Sophie's Parlor.

Andrea-Diva of the Day

Las Mujeres/Mulheres Playlist
  • Cico Mangual Tambó Paracumbé
  • Icnocuicatl (Mexico) Women of Latin America Lila Downs
  • Bahia Angelique Kidjo
  • Son De Los Diablos Jolgorio Perú Negro
  • Memoria A Mulher Gera O Mundo DiDa Banda Feminina
  • La Era Está Pariendo Un Corazón Omara Portuondo & Martin Rojas Omara Portuondo & Martin Rojas
  • La Ronda (Colombia) Women of Latin America Marta Gómez
  • Melao De Cana (Moo La Lah) Mambo Kings Celia Cruz
  • Besame Mucho Close Your Eyes Mary Jenson
  • Anda Mareado (Peru) Women of Latin America Tania Libertad
  • Ponta De Areia Esperanza Esperanza Spalding
  • Mi marido quiere Tambó Paracumbé
  • Cuerpo Y Alma (Body & Soul) Esperanza Esperanza Spalding
  • Palo'e bandera Tambó Paracumbé
  • Carito Dani Cortaza & Cecilia Esquivel
  • Me Gustan Los Estudiantes Recital Mercedes Sosa
  • Canção Do Sal (Salt Song) It's All About Love Carla Cook
  • Toro Mata Sangre De Un Don Peru Negro

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009 - Kimberly C. Gaines

Thank you for indulging me on my birthday Listening to the tunes I enjoy and hope you do as well!

Keep on Pushin - AfroBlue
Walk in My Shoes - Emily King
Black Is - Fertile Ground
Perfect Season - Break Reform
Ile Perola Negra - Fertile Ground
Eva Ayllon
Outono (Stay) - Karrin Allyson
Moody's Mood for Love - Amy Winehouse
Mela - Esperanza Spaulding
Bella - Beady Belle
I am - Kindred Featuring Jazmine Sullivan

Voodoo Woman - Pam Parker
You Gotta Pay Band - Abbey Lincoln
Nica's Dream - Afro Blue

Searching For My Soul - Amel Larrieux
Awaken - Teisha Marie
You Put a move on My Heart - Pam Parker
Up Jumped Spring - Abbey Lincoln
Incensa -Fabiana Cozza
Out of the Blue
- Maysa
Lions, Tigers and Bears - Jazmine Sullivan

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Helen's Women's Music Show September 3, 2009

The history of Sophie's Parlor is inextricably entwined with the history of women's music. The genre of women's music began in the early 1970's and was launched by many of the women who started the radio show, Sophie's Parlor, at Georgetown University's WGTB. After four years on the air at the University, Sophie's Parlor moved to WPFW where it has persisted as the longest-running radio show devoted to music by women, about women, for everybody!

My playlist follows, not necessarily in the order I will play the songs on air. I hope you enjoy it!
  • Ode To A Gym Teacher 4:09 Christian, Meg The Best Of Meg Christian
  • Valentine Song 4:41 Christian, Meg The Best Of Meg Christian
  • Joanna 3:21 Christian, Meg The Best Of Meg Christian
  • Dream Child 4:25 Cris Williamson The Changer And The Changed: A Record Of The Times
  • Sweet Woman 3:54 Cris Williamson The Changer And The Changed: A Record Of The Times
  • Having Been Touched (Tender Lady) 1:15 Cris Williamson The Changer And The Changed: A Record Of The Times
  • Soul Meets Body 3:55 Catie Curtis Sweet Life
  • Dangerous Mood 6:32 Suede Dangerous Mood
  • Summertime 3:35 Sweet Baby J'ai Introducing J'ai Michel
  • You Can Sleep While I Drive 3:14 Melissa Etheridge iTunes Originals - Melissa Etheridge
  • Freedom 4:28 Melissa Ferrick Freedom
  • Testimony 4:20 Ferron Testimony
  • Just One of Those Things 3:48 Patricia Barber The Cole Porter Mix
  • Born to Hum 2:11 Erin McKeown Grand
  • Get Happy 3:04 Erin McKeown Sing You Sinners
  • The Air That I Breathe 5:58 k.d. lang Drag
  • Closer To Fine 4:02 Indigo Girls Indigo Girls
  • Favorite Shirt 3:11 Natalia Zukerman Brand New Frame
  • Puff 4:51 Lea DeLaria The Live Smoke Sessions
  • Castaway 3:53 Maia Sharp Music from the Aisle of Lesbos (Digital Only)
  • All Over You 2:51 The Ditty Bops Music from the Aisle of Lesbos (Digital Only)
  • Happy Talk 6:19 Sherrie Maricle & The Diva Jazz Orchestra Live From Jazz at Lincoln Center's Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola: Sherrie Maricle & The DIVA Jazz Orchestra (feat. Carmen Bradford) [Live]
  • Sophie's Theme 3:11 Pam Parker Imagine
  • Yes It Was 5:45 Sweet Honey In The Rock The Women Gather
  • I Remember, I Believe 4:00 Sweet Honey In The Rock Sacred Ground
  • Magic Day 3:30 Clare Teal Paradisi Carousel
  • B.D. Woman's Blues 3:02 Lucille Bogan Lucille Bogan (Bessie Jackson), Vol. 3 [1934-1935]
  • Prove It On Me 2:41 Ma Rainey Ma Rainey

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