Thursday, February 14, 2013

Until The End of Time

The year is 2013. The month is February. Although we have advanced in many ways as a species, it would appear that since the beginning of recorded herstory, women worldwide have been discriminated against, faced harassment and endured unbelievable forms of violence against them.

It is evident in the bible and other holy books, laws established and cultures of all societies that violence against women is a part of the fabric of life. Understand that such violence extends to girls as well and it is gender specific.

This violence at times has not been questioned. As a matter of fact, in some cases, females are expected to submit or participate in their own violation.

The movement to end violence against women and define this gender violence as a human rights violation is recent. It has been taking shape over the past 41 years, building awareness among women and resistance by women, as well as by some men.

When we speak about violence against women worldwide, what are some of the forms it takes?
For centuries violence against women has been an accepted practice. Now there is a movement challenging it. There are organizations providing support to women, groups empowering women to act as survivors rather than victims. Changes in the law are being forced. Women are organizing to have legislation enacted which will provide the types of protections necessary. These human rights violations and gender discrimination cannot, should not, and will not continue until the end of time.

-Nkenge Toure


Tara Tyler said...

Hmm, good job! This is really something!

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