Thursday, January 17, 2013

Forty Years Later - Are We Taking Care of Ourselves?

Chris Williamson -
pioneer in women's music

In 1972 when Sophie's Parlor launched its groundbreaking presence in radio, the second wave of feminism was in full flower. Women were working towards the goals of equal pay, equal roles and fair rights in family life, and reproductive rights, to name a few. Nearly half of all mothers were stay-at-home moms and didn't have the educational experience to obtain professional occupations. 

Today, many of the goals of the feminist movement have been achieved (although their defense still continues!). However, it's no secret that stress has become a factor in the lives of everyone, and as the above studies show, especially in the lives of women. A recent study shows that stress about balancing work and family is greater for the working mother than any other category.

As a public service to those working mothers, this inaugural blog offers some suggestions to combat these stressors:
Alignment Sequence for All Ages!
  • My mantra for this year is "Go deep, get light." This means taking time each day for meditation, stillness, contemplation, prayer. As I go deeper, I get lighter: enlightened, inspired, and possibly drop some pounds as I am reorienting my own focus towards self-care. I use an app on my iphone to track my meditation each day.
  • After meditation, move! If the gym or yoga studio isn't your favorite scene, your movement doesn't have to be overtly strenuous. Gentle or slow movement has the benefit of releasing sore or stiff muscles, increasing calm breathing, and encouraging slowing down overall. Brigit Viksnins (full disclosure: my sister!) has developed a series of movements called the Alignment Sequence in which you move every part of your body to both loosen up and strengthen.
  • Nourish yourself with excellent nutrition! Return to the way your grandmother and great-grandmother ate. I recommend visiting Monica Corrado's website for her articles about cooking, nutrition, and the traditional basics. The satisfaction of eating a bowl of pre-soaked oatmeal slathered in real butter, fresh blueberries and full-fat yogurt compared to the fast food feel of dry cereal flakes with watery skim milk!
Stay tuned for more lifestyle blog postings! Let's take GOOD care of ourselves.

- Diva of the Day Helen


Monica Corrado, said...

LOVE this Helen! You ROCK!! xoxoxo

Brigit said...

First Align physical with non-physical, then act. Easier said than done some days, but oh, the benefits!

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