Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Music is my Native Tongue

Greetings ,
Thanks for tuning into Sophie's Parlor on wpfw
Being surrounded by a number of different languages this week and last has lead me to this selection. I hope you enjoy it. My ears are beginning to get use to listening in a different way. Please listen with me.

Flor De Lis|6:30|Gretchen Parlato| Gretchen Parlato

Mas Que Nada|3:17|Miriam Makeba| Reflections

Iyagaduza|6:24|Miriam Makeba| Reflections

Wonderful You|2:48|Audra McDonald|

Eva Ayllon|3:25|Eva Ayllon|

SkyLark|4:23|Gretchen Parlato| Gretchen Parlato

Hindsight|4:30|Beady Belle| Cewbeagappic

Gracias A La Vida|5:50|Malena Perez| Stars

Perfect Season|4:37|Break Reform| Fracture



Isis and Osiris [Live]|11:30|Alice Coltrane| Journey to Satchadananda


Broken Branches|4:09|Fertile Ground| Spiritual War

Pata Pata|3:24|Miriam Makeba| Reflections

Mupepe|3:51|Zap Mama| Adventures In Afropea 1

Oriental Folk Song (La FunkMob)|3:48|Gladys (vocals)| Blue Note Revisited

I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun|5:20|Nuyorican Soul - Jocelyn Brown| Nuyorican Soul

Los Alamitos Latinfunklovesong (Bugz In The Attic)|7:02|Bembe Segue, Rasiyah, Deborah Jordan| Blue Note Revisited

Ponta De Areia|5:39|Esperanza Spalding| Esperanza

Vivre|3:15|Zap Mama| Ancestry In Progress

Mela|6:58|Esperanza Spalding| Esperanza

Love Endeavor|3:55|Alice Smith| For Lovers, Dreamers and Me

Saudade Rio (Kirk Degiorgio's As|5:36|Sabrina Malherios| Vibrason

Samba Em Preludio|5:12|Esperanza Spalding| Esperanza

Homage (Yesterday)|4:31|Fertile Ground| Spiritual War


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