Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When all else fails, MOVE! Andrea, Your Diva of the Day

Thank you to all of our supporters of the station and here in Sophie's Parlor. Today I thought I would take some good wisdom and pass it along, when all else is not aligned, just MOVE!!! Any which way you can.

The selections below are verbal prescriptions for life, use them, follow them, debate them, remember them, laugh at them, smirk at them, whatever you do, act and now. Oh, before I forget move, like the moon has which should be full by the time we share time together in the parlor, Sophie's Parlor.

As always this listing is what will be played, maybe not in this order, plus be ready for surprises, they always happen while we are in the parlor! Your comments below this blog post is always appreciated.--Drea

  1. Sophie's Theme 3:12 Pam Parker Imagine
  2. I Release Me / Healing Space 4:55 Tia Fuller Healing Space
  3. Wholly Earth 6:04 Abbey Lincoln Wholly Earth
  4. Mi Primera Rumba Mega Mix 5:45 India Mega Mix
  5. Timeless Portrait And Dreams 5:05 Geri Allen Timeless Portrait And Dreams
  6. Lady Be Good 6:52 Patti Austin Avant Gershwin
  7. Les Nubians - Makeda 5:25 Les Nubians All Mixed Up
  8. Into The Cave (Softly As In A Morning Sunrise) 6:58 Hey Rim Jeon Mona Lisa Puzzle
  9. Casualties Of Honey 5:11 SilHOUETTE Brown f/Lady Alma Two
  10. Tendo do Amor 4:07 Margareth Menezes Women of the World International
  11. Trouble Don't LastAlways 6:40 Incognito & Carleen Anderson With Ramsey Lewis Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool
  12. Heading Back To New York City 3:59 Joan Armatrading This Charming Life
  13. Morena Samba 3:38 Anna Canario
  14. 04. Purpose 4:38 Dawn Avery Alchemy - Music for Meditation
  15. Nostalgie Amoureuse 5:11 Zap Mama Twice Upon A Yesterday
  16. A Message 5:10 Deborah Bond
  17. Chasing Pavements 3:34 Adele Hometown Glory
  18. Mind Adventures 4:46 Des'ree Women of the World International
  19. Echo 5:36 Sweet Honey In The Rock Breaths
  20. Love Trap 3:57 Susheela Raman Women's World Voices
  21. Palo'e bandera 3:15 Paracumbé Tambó
  22. Phoenix 5:31 Ayanna Gregory Beautiful Flower
  23. Wild Is The Wind 5:37 Esperanza Spalding Chamber Music Society


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