Sunday, November 6, 2011

Native American History Month

Native Tonuges
Nov. 3, 2011

This month that is for celebrating Native American/American Indian culture should be a celebration for all of us for these cultures and these peoples are an integral part of how and why we have these modern lives of ours.

Today on Sophie's Parlor I have merely brought together women throughout the Americas singing their songs, playing their instruments, and telling their stories.

Hopefully you gained some insight. Learned a new thing. And most importantly are now more aware of these women, their cultures, and the grave importance of its impact on us all.

Want to again thank the dynamic duo Irka Mateo and Julia Keefe for coming through the Parlor this afternoon. They both gave great information and a few laughs as well.

Locate them through the information below

Irka Mateo
Twitter: @irkamateo

Julia Keefe

Below you will find the playlist as always, seek out this music, support these women and this time tell someone else about it. As always you can find me at the following

Andrea, Diva of the Day @dreaofwaters
Sophies Parlor Collective @sophiesparlor

Facebook-Sophies's Parlor Fan Page

To listen to the show archived click here scroll down to Mid Day Jazz Thurs. Nov 3, 2011 from 1-3pm, click play. Will be archived for two weeks only. See you all soon in the parlor,

Andrea, Diva of the Day


Artist Song Title Album Label Played
Show Start Talk

01:00 PM
Pam Parker Sophie's Theme Imagine Pam Parker 01:06 PM
Joanne Shenandoah Fish Dance Song Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women Smithsonian Folkways 01:09 PM
Ulali Mother Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women Smithsonian Folkways 01:12 PM
Dawn Avery Manifestation Alchemy-Music for Meditation Okenti Records 01:14 PM
Coco's Lunch Seven Sister Invisible Rhythm Coco's Lunch 01:24 PM
Maimouna Youseff f/Walks on Water The Knowing The Blooming Maimouna Youssef 01:30 PM
Irka Mateo Maboba Irka Mateo Irka Mateo 01:32 PM
Joy Harjo Grace Native Joy for Real Mekko 01:36 PM
Irka Mateo Anacaona Irka Mateo Irka Mateo 01:51 PM
Marilyn Rife & Alice Gomez Flute Song Hearts, Hands & Hides Talking Taco 01:56 PM
Sweet Honey in the Rock The Voice of the Innocent Women Gather EarthBeat 02:00 PM
Various Artists Earth My Body Circle of Women Rhino / Wea 02:07 PM
Carolyn Sykes Autumn Leaves Carolyn Sykes, Jazz Harp Carolyn Sykes, Jazz Harp 02:11 PM
Lila Downs Icnocuicatl Women of Latin America Putamayo 02:25 PM
Joy Harjo Reality Native Joy for Real Mekko 02:29 PM
Marlui Miranda Araruna A Native American Odyssey Putamayo 02:32 PM
Radmilla Cody Grandmother & Mother's Legacy Spirit Of A Woman Canyon Records 02:35 PM
Buffy Sainte Marie Piney Wood Hills Up Where we Belong Angel Records 02:39 PM
Dawn Avery Sweat Lodge Alchemy- Music for Meditation Okenti Records 02:47 PM
Marilyn Rife w/ Alice Gomez Legends Hearts, Hands & Hides Talking Taco 02:52 PM
Meshell NdegeOcello Fellow Ship Comfort Woman Maverick 02:57 PM


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