Thursday, June 5, 2008

Helen's Grandmother Show June 5, 2008

1 Finlandia 5:07 Miriam Stockley Second Nature - The Voice of Adiemus

2 Wanting Memories 4:58 Sweet Honey In the Rock Still On the Journey

3 Tu Abuela Carlota 2:40 Lola Flores Raíces de la Canción Española, Vol. 30, Lola Flores 2

4 GRANDMOTHER 2:00 Leah Wolfsong Songs of the Circle

5 Viena Pati Balta Puke 2:59 Folkloras Draugu Kopa Skandinieki Latvian Funeral Songs

6 I Had A Real Good Mother & Father 3:14 Gillian Welch Soul Journey

7 Babushka (Grandmother) 3:01 Marina V Modern Fairytale

8 A Grandmother! 2:30 Beth Custer My Grandmother DVD

9 Mother 2:52 Ulali Heartbeat: Voices Of First Nations Women

10 Grandmother 6:34 Rebecca Pidgeon Retrospective

11 Mama 3:55 Alyce Mtwalo/Tammy Dhana/Michelle Adams/Rebecca/Memory Muzondo/Siphahtisiwe Moyo... Impressions of Africa

12 Angels 3:36 Flora Purim Nothing Will Be As It Was... Tomorrow

13 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better 6:30 Tallulah Bankhead & Marlene Dietrich Give My Regards to Broadway!

14 Beloved Grandmother Twylah 3:44 Kumara and Catherine Love Songs to Mother Earth


16 Sí Do Mhamó Í (She Is Your Grandmother) 2:21 Lasairfhíona Flame of Wine

17 How Strong Is a Woman 3:25 Etta James How Strong Is a Woman: The Island Sessions

18 Going Home 4:46 Ulali Heartbeat: Voices Of First Nations Women

19 My Mother Would Like You 4:06 Heather Rigdon Young & Naïve

20 Grandmother Moon 3:06 Jackie Tice Let in the Joy

21 Gartan Mothers Lullaby 3:04 Orla Fallon Celtic Woman Presents: Orla Fallon - The Water Is Wide

22 Power of a Girl 3:34 Ashleigh Mannix My First – EP

23 Jāņu Mātes Pagalmā 1:12 Laiksne Jāņu Nakti Zelta Rasa

24 Forever 5:17 Mahinarangi Tocker Hei Ha!

25 Sidu (Grandmother) 5:48 Ellen Mcllwaine La Guitara

26 You Gotta Move 2:45 Cassandra Wilson Belly of the Sun

27 W'Happy Mama 5:17 Zap Mama A Ma Zone

28 Somewhere Over the Rainbow 4:22 Grace Kelly Every Road I Walked


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