Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Girlhood: Remember When? - Diva Kimberly C. Gaines

Our young sisters go through so much but they are equally as resilient! So today I dedicate this show to them. Their hopes, and dreams, their worries and struggles.

See Line Woman
Nina Simone 2:37

Zap Bebes
Zap Mama Ancestry in Progress 5:14

Beautiful Flower
Ayanna Gregory Beautiful Flower 4:17

God Bless the Child
Billie Holiday The Billie Holiday Songbook 4:00

Gotta Be
Ne’a Posey 3:26

Children of the Night
Cassandra Wilson Blue Light Til Dawn 5:20

Kia El Amin Share a Moment of Love 4:15

Father in You
Mary J. Blige The BreakThrough 5:23

Jill Scott Dave Chappelle’s Blockparty 5:21

Walk In My Shoes
Emily King Emily King Westside Story 3:25

Searchin' for my soul
Amel Larrieux Infinite Possibilities 3:46

Good Girl(Live)
Chrisette Michele I Am (Bonus Track Version) 4:15

Little Blue Girl
Nina Simone My Baby Just Cares For Me 4:18

I'm A Woman
Joi Star Kitty’s Revenge 3:26

Ayanna Gregory Beautiful Flower 5:31

I Am
Kindred Feat. Jazmine Sullivan Surrender To Love 4:51

Beady Belle 5:45

La Martiniana
Lila Downs Women's World Voices (Vol. 5) 5:46

A Message
Debórah Bond DayAfter 4:46

Cuerpo y Alma
Esperanza Spaulding Esperanza 8:02

Though I had a few technical difficulties, this was a really great show. I was truly thankful for those folks that called in with their comments, observations and personal stories about "growing up girl"! Thank you! Remember before you shake your head or look down your nose a our young people remember we were that age once. The issues now may be a little bit tougher than what we dealt with (in some cases) but we have all been young. Keep that in mind and encourage rather than condemn. Thanks for listening!


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