Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Beginning-Sophie's Collective New Year's Show

This New Year's you are in for a treat. Many current and past Sophies' will dawn the airwaves to inspire, motivate, and charge you all. Join engineer Diva Andrea as she is joined in studio by Divas-Elise, Lakeisha, Helen, and Kim. And via phone by Pat Thornton (diva emeritus) and Nkenge.

Here is the playlist that was played...There was lots going on folks and we appreciate the calls, the love, and the energy.

  1. New Beginning New Beginning Tracy Chapman
  2. Red Earth Red Earth Dee Dee Bridgewater
  3. Hate On Me Jill Scott - The Real Thing - Words and Sounds, Vol. 3
  4. Freedom Train I Got Shoes Sweet Honey In The Rock
  5. What´s New? The Carmen McRae-Betty Carter Duets
  6. Feels So Good Wanting Gabriela Anders
  7. Ó Gente Da Minha Terra Concerto Em Lisboa [Live] Mariza
  8. My Favorite Things Self Portrait Carmen Lundy
  9. The Way Peace Beyond Passion Me'Shell Ndegéocello
  10. Melao De Cana (Moo La Lah) Mambo Kings Celia Cruz
  11. Dream Dream Tuck & Patti
  12. Elena Stone
  13. Talking About a Revolution Tracy Chapman
  14. Oh My Love (Djabari) Red Earth Dee Dee Bridgewater


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