Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creating a Sacred Space w/ Sherry Ways

Greetings All,
This is your Sophies' Diva of the fourth of every month , Kimberly C. Gaines, checking in and letting YOU in on this great music! I hope you enjoyed the show today. Below is the playlist for today's show and Sherry Ways, our Design Specialist, for our Sacred Spaces show. I enjoyed myself today hope you did as well!

Sherry Ways creates Interior Attunement through the use of Personalized Feng Shui, Color Therapy and Holistic Interior Design for both residential and commercial environments. She is an educator and Intentional Interior Designer. Her programs and design solutions are focused on creating well being by supporting the intent of the occupants through Intentional Design and Green Design awareness. Her results focus on relieving stress in residential and commercial environments. She is one of two Principal Designers of Design Scheme Interiors, LLC.

See Line Woman Nina Simone Verve Unmixed 2:39
Home ( Finale ) Stephanie Mills Wiz 3:33
My Prayers Ledisi Soulsinger 4:40
Sanctuary Madonna Bedtime Stories 5:03
Inner Truth Teisha Marie Addicted to Life 4:16
Keep On Singin' My Song Christina Aguilera Stripped 6:30
Paradise Sade The Best of Sade 3:39
I Know You Know Esperanza Spalding Esperanza 3:47
Demain (Jazz) Les Nubians Princesses Nubiennes 3:53
Muita Bobeira Luciana Souza/
Romero Lubambo Duos II 2:53
Be Still My Beating Heart
(feat. nikki jean) Randy Watson Experience Rewind5
Take Me Higher Fertile Ground Seasons Change 4:39
Deliciously Down Cree Summer Street Faƫrie 4:52


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