Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Syncopation: A Taste of Jazz (April 2nd Show)

In honor of Jazz Appreciation Month, Sophie’s Parlor Diva of the Day, Andrea, will be producing “Syncopation”. This program airing on Thursday April 2nd will explore the strong and soft tempos of jazz music and more. This show will have interviews with NY based Stephanie Rooker, Vocalist, and feature in studio performance/interview by Afro-Blue, the Howard University Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

  • Vier Frauen Women's World Voices (Vol. 5) Joy Denalane Feat. Sara Tavares/Chiwoniso/Deborah 5:43
  • Breakthrough Healing Space Tia Fuller 6:13
  • Coming Home The Orchard Lizz Wright 4:46
  • Twice Little Dragon Little Dragon 3:06
  • Stolen Moments Freedom In Song Afro Blue 5:38
  • Trust In Me Spirit of India II 2/2 | New Vibes Roudoudou 5:13
  • Cherry Chocolate Wine The Road To Adam Nya Jade 4:03
  • The Rain Wants To Fall Tellin You Right Now Stephanie Rooker 6:10
  • The Olive Leaf And Dove Healing Space Tia Fuller 6:44
  • Oh, Freedom Freedom In Song Afro Blue 2:34 Jazz
  • Translinear Light Translinear Light Alice Coltrane 9:50 Jazz
  • 02. Adundance Alchemy - Music for Meditation Dawn Avery 4:17 N
  • Song For Mia The Orchard Lizz Wright 4:52


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