Thursday, March 25, 2010

Giving Birth

This is your Diva of the Day Kimberly C. Gaines and I have been charged with the task of Doula or birth coach which I hold very dear. Ushering a new life into to the world is an honor and it got me to thinking about how important life really is and the circumstances in which we arrive in it. The baby will be here any day now and I am ready to support my friend in one of her most important roles in this life. She is actually due TODAY, March 25th we will keep you posted as to when the little Diva has arrived! I hope you enjoyed the songs that are inspiring me during this new journey. (UPDATE: Baby girl is still snuggling inside her mama... we will let her take her time.)

doula is an assistant who provides various forms of non-medical and non-midwifery support (physical and emotional) in the childbirth process.
Baby Dee
Georgia Anne Muldrow
Kings Ballad
6 O’clock Blues
Solange Knowles
Sol-Angel & the Hadley Street Project
Sun Moon Child
Imani Uzuri
Her Holy Water: A Black Girl’s Rock
Dear to Me
Amel Larrieux
Soldier of Love
Just Because
Nikka Costa Everybody Got Their Something
Southern Humming Bird
To Zion
Lauryn Hill
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Baby Luv
Groove Theory
Groove Theory
So Natural
Like This
Chasing After the Sun (Barefoot n’pregnant)
Monday Michiru
4 Seasons
Even If
Amel Larrieux
Infinite Possibilities
My Groovy Thing
Like This
Bah Samba featuring Alice Russell
Four Cd #1
Little Sunrise
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee
Into the Wind
The Nearness of You
Norah Jones

I Know Why I love You
Amel Larrieux
Eric Clapton
Ye Yo
Erykah Badu  
Milo Moment  
Mariah Parker  

Special Thank you to Madame Angelique Kidjo for sharing her birth story! I am truly grateful to her and look forward to her show at the Lisner on Saturday!

Special congratulations to Mike Harris he is on his way to seeing Angelique Kidjo at the Lisner Auditorium Saturday, March 27th at 8pm.


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